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MITC : Multiple Intelligence Training Center

MITC started as a community-based program in September 2001. It serves as an alternative program for consumers who require innovative and non-traditional programming due to their uniquely-challenging needs. The site-based programming, which was added in October 2003, is meant to provide our consumers with additional training avenues as well as alternative training space when off-site activities are not permissible, i.e. severe weather conditions. Our on-site workshops also offer functional academics, arts and crafts, dance and movements, community BINGO, music and leisure, movie time, karaoke, tabletop games, cooking and exercise classes. MITC consumers participate in a wide variety of social, leisure and recreational activities such as community outings, educational trips to museums, zoo, malls, libraries and parks.  We also offer Emotional Creativity and Anger Management classes; Sign Language classes; themed programs and parties; leisure lunch at the backyard garden with a gazebo; art exhibits featuring consumers’ artworks; and programs that our consumers greatly enjoy and benefit from.


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MITC - Multiple Intelligence Training Center

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