MITC Programs and Activities

Here is a list of some of our special onsite and offsite programs

Emotional Creativity Class

Music Appreciation

MITC Art Workshop 

Comedy Day - Let's watch a funny movie

Emotional Creativity Class (Graduation @ Chinese-American Buffet)

Volunteering at RAFT

Luau Party

Adopt-a-Park (Alum Rock Park)

Photography Day - Make a Portrait

Librarian's Day - visit Alum Rock Library and recognize  the librarian

Slay a Dragon Day - Piece together a  Dragon puzzle 

Flea Market - Buy and Sell stuff 

National Teacher’s Day - Make a Card for your teacher/staff

Labeling the Phases of the Moon

Volunteering at Alum Rock Library Exposure 

Mall Touring and Shopping

Picnic at the Park

Orientation Seminar on Proper Tooth-brushing and Oral Care

San Francisco : California Academy of Arts and Sciences 

Music Appreciation : Guitar at the Park 

Seminar on Substance Abuse with SJPD 

Orientation Seminar on Healthy Drinks and Diet 

Mini-Flea Market at MITC

Bowling Champ at AMF Bowling Lane: The Quest for the Gold Pin Season

2BIG BINGO AMIGO – win prizes and socialize

Karaoke Challenge (The MITC VOICE) 

In-House Training (see list) Cooking Class and Basic Nutrition, Improving Restaurant Manners

Consumer and Staff Monthly Birthday Celebrations

MITC Talent Show

Sports Festival 

Transportation Training : Ride the VTA